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About Us

Welcome to NIRVANA HEALTH, an Independent Health Food Store, specialising in providing a huge range of premium quality Natural and Organic Food, Health Supplements, Ayurvedic Remedies, Herbs, homeopathy, Natural Skincare, Eco-friendly and fair-trade Products.

Nirvana Health is owned and managed by a young and health enthusiastic couple, Rinesh Doshi and Jigna Doshi. Rinesh is been associated with the Natural Health Food Industry for over 7 years now and is very experienced and well trained so is fully equipped to provide an all round support and advice on natural food supplements, dietary needs, complementary therapies, and lifestyle changes best suited to ease individual’s ailments and maintan well-being.

We take an holistic approach towards health and thereby are not satisfied with simply taking a medicinal view for health problem. We are dedicated to spread awareness among the consumers about the importance of developing good eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle that can prevent illness and achieve optimum health. We would like to be a helping hand on every occasion for all our consumers and local community to promote healthier lifestyle and holistic health.

Nirvana Health is committed to extra-ordinary customer service and support by providing friendly and knowledgeable advice, factsheets and product information.

At Nirvana Health, we are sure you will find everything that you need to help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Details
Nirvana Health Ltd.
321 Green Lanes
Palmers Green
North London
N13 4TY
London Borough of Enfiled
Tel: 0800 840 9238
Mob: 0203417 4913
Email: info@nirvanahealthfood.com

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