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These deliciously invigorating drinks provides nutritional support for a great variety of needs, such as starting the day, exercising, general stress, fatigue, or just to feel and look amazing!Emergen C is primarily an anti-oxidant that helps prevent colds & flu, sinusitis, sore throats, blood clots, high blood pressure, physical and mental stress, weak immune system, high cholesterol levels, liver toxicity and wrinkles.

Emergen C fizzes in water to supply 1,000 mg Vitamin C with 28 different mineral electrolytes plus B Vitamins to ensure you feel brilliant throughout the day. Sweetened with Fructose for Quick Energy with Staying Power!.The Speciality formulas as so much more than just Vitamin C. They also have B Vitamins for a natural energy boost and additional functional ingredients to support specific health concerns.


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